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3 Easy Cost Effective Ideas to Customise Your Training Video
By: Scott Weston | Jul 7, 2022 | Health and Safety

There is never a doubt about the effectiveness of video both in training and inductions.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and with 25 different pictures every second, information can certainly be delivered succinctly and effectively.

When the viewing audience are able to see their fellow workers in their workplace, the level of engagement goes through the roof.

Not everyone however has the budget to have a fully customised video produced for their purposes and a common fallback is to select a generic, off-the-shelf video.

Despite having obvious drawbacks as opposed to a fully customised production, the generic product certainly has lots of financial benefits.

One of the beauties of health and safety is the spoken word hardly changes from industry to industry… the rules pretty much stay the same.

We are seeing an amazing trend nowadays of organisations taking generic videos and applying their pictures to the spoken word achieving the look and feel of a fully customised program but at a fraction of the cost.

There are three levels of achieving this that we thought were worth sharing with you.

01. Top and Tailing With Your Own Message

Anything is achievable so let your imagination run wild!

We can place your logo at the start of the video, or it could be a message from your director, a photo of your head office. The same applies to the end of the video. A couple of “creative swishes” and it could be perceived that they are watching your own customised training program.

A large majority of our customers are now opting for self paced online programs where we are not only placing their logo within the program but asking questions pertaining specifically to their workplace.

02. Replace Generic Footage With Photos

A super cost effective way of producing a training program. Our creative editors can move throughout you photos giving the production real colour, movement and sparkle and the cost savings are enormous.

Here’s a small sample of video we did with Melbourne Market Authority, where we used photographic stills.

There is also a trend for companies to use workers to deliver the spoken word rather than a professional voiceover. Again this can be achieved by showing a couple of photos of each speaker as they are speaking.

Again the possibilities are endless and we have enthusiastic creative consultants happy to spend some time with you exploring the possibilities.

So much so, a recent project working on the Golden Rules of Safety for Inghams got incredible results.

The videos featured workers and families of workers simply answering questions and relaying why safety in the workplace was so important to them.

The results…. raw, simple, heart rendering and highly effective.

03. Replace Generic Footage With Your Footage

With this option, we would defy your viewing audience to pick the fact that it is anything but a fully customised video and the investment is a fraction of the normal cost!

If you have reached this far and we have ignited a little spark of interest, why not give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your options, all tailored to whatever sized budget you may have.