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Engaging, Effective Video Based eLearning for all LMS

Channel 1’s range of digital online learning programs are developed and designed in house and are primarily video based for maximum engagement, enjoyment and effectiveness.

Combining instructional design with our video production process, we can build e-Learning content tailored to your specific requirements.

Or choose from our extensive range of off-the-shelf courses, these can be adapted to suit your organisation. Our video content can be modified, we can change the voice, include vision of your company, add your logo, as little or as much modification as you need!

Or the video can be yours, and we can design and produce a learning program around that. No need to start from scratch! We can find solutions that meet your needs within your budget.


Seamless Integration of eLearning Tools onto a Range of LMS Platforms

Our eLearning courses can be supplied in a range of formats including SCORM, Tin Can API or AICC for seamless integration onto a range of Learning Management Systems.

If you’re in the market for a LMS platform, we can certainly recommend a provider. No LMS? No worries! We can also supply the eLearning in a format for delivery via your organisation’s intranet, or web server.

Here at Channel 1 we have been a leading name in the production of training programs and corporate videos for more than 30 years. Because of our vast experience in the industry we have a keen understanding of the ways in which people access and consume information, and how it has changed and developed.

That is why we are always looking for innovative and accessible ways to develop programs in eLearning format for LMS delivery, meaning our customers can always turn to us when they want to design a new training series, tailored to suit their business and preferred method of distribution.

If you’d like to find out more, please let us know.

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Build Your Own

This process is “tried and true”. Take anyone of our 300 training packages and we can mould, modify and tweak to suit your requirements. The skilled and professional staff here at Channel 1 can design an eLearning program compatible with your LMS platform of choice. That means you can easily communicate with your employees, managers or shareholders.

Script changes, vision of your workplace, featuring your workers, addition of your logos, your documents and questions specifically designed to suit your learning outcomes.

It’s easy and super cost effective because you are not reinventing the wheel. Check out our range of off the shelf courses for inspiration (by clicking the button above).

Or to get started on developing your own, let us know your requirements (click the button below), and we can get back to you with some pricing.

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Our range of eLearning boasts over 100 titles and is growing!

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