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A Slightly Different Approach To A Workplace Safety Video
By: Scott Weston | Jul 7, 2022 | Health and Safety

“I have been watching safety training videos for 30 years and nothing has ever got to me like that”

Forgive us for gloating!

But when your constant goal is to be producing videos that are both effective and engaging, the above statement from a member of your target audience is literally “music to your ears”!

Ingham’s Chickens recently introduced their 12 Golden Rules of Safety to their workforce and were looking for some video communications that not only supported those Golden Rules but also engaged and motivated their workers to take heed of each of them.

A plan was devised to produce a video for each of the 12 Golden Rules with their workers communicating much of the main message.

We also interviewed the families of some of their workers with, to put it mildly, stunning results!

Here is a video of one of their workers who is obviously not only devoted to his family but loved by them.

The messages… raw, simple, heart rendering and highly effective.

Delivering the safety message

Not only is the content of the safety message being communicated essential, but also how that message gets delivered and consumed.

Daily or weekly email communications, toolbox talks, or online interactive self-paced learning are some of approaches employed by safety teams to communicate and train staff.

Another highly effective way of getting the message right in front of workers is to send an SMS straight to their mobile phones.

The actual SMS would be relatively brief, but could contain a link to a web page featuring all or some of the following:

  • a video communication (such as the one above)
  • text outlining and discussing a specific safety theme
  • a questionnaire to capture some of their own thoughts and feedback about workplace safety

For further information on how you can deliver an effective workplace safety message in your organisation, or a safety video production , please feel free to contact the team at Channel 1. (Send us your mobile number, and we’ll send you a sample safety message SMS).