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Let Your Corporate Video Production Soar With A Drone
By: Scott Weston | Jul 7, 2022 | Health and Safety

Utilising a drone to capture aerial footage has become a fairly recognised part of the corporate video production process nowadays.

Whether it’s for a television commercial, a marketing presentation, or a training program, drones can provide visually impressive video footage that simply cannot be achieved by using a camera operator on the ground. It can be a bird’s eye view of your business or surrounding areas, or a series of spectacular scenery shots. All in all, it can provide that ‘wow factor’ to any video presentation.

Capturing such footage was once limited to big budget productions, or to those with access to helicopters or cranes. This can now be achieved with a drone camera, piloted by a professionally trained operator.

In the last couple of productions we have done we used the services of one of the most renowned drone camera operators in the business.

After shooting footage at various iconic locations like MSAC and the MCG, Coca Cola Amatil wanted us to capture some shots of 150 of their staff performing stretches in front of two beautifully sign written Coca Cola B Doubles at their Moorabbin Plant.

Drone footage captured the moment perfectly and was able to show off perfectly, the enormity of the location and the performance.

A few months later, we had no hesitation in suggesting some drone footage for a shoot we did for Enervest and Rene Sola featuring the largest educational installation of solar panels in the southern hemisphere at Mazenod College in Mulgrave Victoria.

Our drone pilot was able to navigate the drone form an internal shot of various schoolboys playing a volleyball match to a packed audience inside the Mazenod Sports Hall to outside and up over the roof showing off an impressively-sized installation of 1076 solar panels across 7 buildings.

In a word the shot was spectacular and a great example of how a drone operated correctly and piloted perfectly can add thousands of dollars worth of production value to a corporate video.

For more information on utilising drone footage for a your next corporate video production, please feel free to get in contact.