Hazard ID and Risk Control In The Office

In many cases, hazard identification and risk control can be the cornerstone of an effective health and safety management system.

Because management and members of the safety team can’t be everywhere, an ever diligent and mindful workforce combined with an efficient risk control process can make a telling difference to the overall safety of the workplace.

e-Learning Version

Our Hazard Identification and Risk Control self paced eLearning program will equip your workforce with the knowledge of what to look for, how to report the hazard and the risk control process that follows.

All the vision and learning from the video version, is combined with assessment questions and interactivity. This program will encourage your staff to bring about that healthier and safer workplace that we are all trying to achieve.

July special: 15% off the normal pricing of an eLearning licence

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Video Only Version

Aimed directly at the office worker, this video is an extremely easy to follow, easy to understand short presentation on one of the most important subject matters of WHS.

In this 4 minute video, your staff will learn about examples of hazards in the office, and how the hierarchy of controls can assist in deciding which risk controls are most effective.

Available on DVD, or in a digital format for online delivery. July special: 15% off the normal pricing of DVD and digital video licence

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