Manual Handling Disability Support Workers

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In the disability services sector, the 6 most common hazardous tasks are:

  • Moving and supporting people with a disability
  • Supporting people with personal hygiene
  • Assisting people in wheelchairs
  • Handling wheelchairs in and out of vehicles
  • Moving and lifting items
  • Occupational violence

All of these tasks require various forms of manual handling.

The trouble with manual handling injuries is none of them are as spectacular as other workplace injuries. Rather they tend to creep on the victim after years and years of improper practices.

This manual handling for disability support workers training program deals with:

  • The specific laws of managing hazardous manual handling tasks
  • How to assess and control the risks
  • How to lift and carry safely
  • An easy to follow guide of the physiology of the back

Staying Mindful

Manual handling training for disability support workers starts with being mindful. Firstly, mindful of the individuals you are supporting and their needs. Secondly, mindful that in order to do your job to the best of your ability you must take care to avoid potential injuries. Unlike other types of workplace injuries, manual handling injuries are often the long term result of repeated tasks completed incorrectly. In this training program, we explore the common causes of injury and how to do your job effectively and safely.

Assessing Tasks Before You Start

Manual handling work in the disability sector can involve a variety of tasks that may require delicate action. To avoid potential injury, assessing tasks prior to carrying them out is vital. Channel 1’s manual handling training for disability support workers content includes helpful tips for assessing common situations and provides advice for carrying out tasks effectively and safely.

Self Paced eLearning

In addition to video only content dedicated to the disability support sector, Channel 1 has also produced an interactive self-paced and video based eLearning version which can be licensed and delivered via your organisation’s LMS platform. Whether you require an off the shelf training program, or something tailored to your organisation which includes your own specific policies and procedures, we have you covered.

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