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The One Word Our Clients Are Loving… Modification
By: Scott Weston | Jul 7, 2022 | Health and Safety

It’s a well-known fact that video is a fantastic medium for staff training and inductions. It allows for consistency of message, it can engage an audience on topics that are otherwise fairly dry and, in some cases, it can be extremely cost-effective.

When it comes to health and safety, the basic safety rules don’t change from workplace to workplace. Thus the enormous popularity of generic, off the shelf training video or video based eLearning programs featuring the latest safety laws.

However, in many cases, “generic” is simply not enough. And for good reason.

A common theme we’re seeing this year from our clients is that they’re loving our flexibility. Modification is our new buzz word. It gives you the ability to:

  • Tweak the script … Include your specific policies and/or non-negotiables in your workplace. Add in the type of language or terminology that is used in your workplace.
  • Feature your workers … Replace our generic footage from the video with footage or photographic stills of your workers and your workplace.
  • Add your logo … The simple addition of a logo to the start of the video or to the opening slide of the eLearning program, or the redesign the slides with your own branding and colours can increase trainee engagement significantly.
  • Add important documents … Our e-learning technicians can place your documents or policies within the online training program and ask for confirmation that they have been read and understood, providing you with the perfect paper trail.
  • Or combine of any of the above

Here’s an example of modifying the script. In this instance, the client was after a tailored introduction to their induction program. They modified the script of our WHS Introduction module, recorded a new voice over, and we also replaced some of the blue collar shots with footage more related to their industry.

The Benefits of Modification

Modify to your budget: There are many levels of modification you can take advantage of. Taking an already produced and highly acclaimed training video program and replacing the generic footage with your own, provides that “made for us” feel, but at a fraction of the cost.

Trainee engagement: Watching video content featuring your workplace, and your fellow workers going about their work similar to what you’ll experience would certainly be more relatable than seeing examples of other working environments.

One idea is to have fellow staff deliver the safety message. This can be a highly powerful treatment, similar to what we did with Polarfresh:

Modifying the script, recording a new voice-over, and editing that into the generic program will allow you to communicate specific information that is not covered in the generic program. Again, this all contributes to a more relatable, and ultimately a more effective training program.

A manual handling training program we produced for another client, Dahlsens, had modifications to the script, and incorporated a mix of staff interviews with their own footage.

The Process for Modifying a Video-Based Training Program

The first step is to assess the off the shelf training program that covers the topic of interest … Does the spoken word (script) communicate all the information adequately? What’s the footage like, is it too generic? Will it suffice?

  1. Firstly, our consultants would meet with you with the view of clarifying exactly what you would like from the training program.
  2. We would make (usually far too many) suggestions as to the best way for you to proceed and send you the voiceover script, so you can check that the spoken word is exactly as you would like.
  3. Your changes would be noted, quoted on and then you can simply leave the rest to us.
  4. Our sole objective will be to surprise and delight you with the end product!

If you would like to explore the modification process further, please feel free to contact us to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.