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  • 10-causes-of-food-poisoning

    This video explores the 10 main causes of food poisoning including: preparing food too far in advance cooling food too slowly not reheating adequately cooked […]

    10 Cause of Food Poisoning
  • a-few-facts-and-figures

    Managers have a legal responsibility to create a safe working environment for all. This entails identifying possible workplace practices, actions or incidents which may cause, […]

    A Few Facts and Figures
  • accident_incident

    Available in video format or eLearning, this program is a great part of an Office Safety Induction package or ideal for ongoing training.

    Accident Incident Near Miss Reporting
  • accident-incident-reporting

    Motivate your staff to report all accidents, incidents and near misses with this short, effective training video or eLearning program.

    Accident Incident Reporting
  • 100_easy-guide-to-WHS

    Available as video or eLearning, this program is an easy guide for all staff and management to the new WHS laws in Australia.

    An Easy Guide To The New WHS Laws
  • an-introduction

    The first few weeks in a new job can be an exciting and challenging time, but it can also be a dangerous time because the […]

    An Introduction Office Induction
  • answering-the-phone

    Today every caller likes to feel they are dealing with a highly skilled and professional organisation. Whenever you pick up the phone at work, its […]

    Answering the Phone
  • avoiding-jargon

    The use of jargon and slang in the workplace can turn any business relationship into a communication nightmare! How the message is delivered can greatly […]

    Avoiding Jargon and Slang
  • 130_buildingsafetyculture

    Today, organisations all over the world are realising that when it comes to safety, a genuine commitment by senior leaders and total employee engagement is […]

    Building a Safety Culture Through Leadership
  • bullying

    The latest Bullying Laws with new repercussions and penalties makes this short, succinct and effective training video A MUST!!

    Bullying Harassment Office
  • chinese-whispers

    Many problems in the workplace begin with the miscommunication of messages. Ineffective listening leads to the reduction of the amount of information received. Remembering only […]

    Chinese Whispers
  • code-of-conduct

    Available in video format or video based eLearning, this induction module highlights the behaviours that are expected of workers.

    Code of Conduct
e-Learning Video Production

The Channel 1 suite of video-based eLearning courses boasts more than 100 titles and is growing all the time. If you’re looking for off-the-shelf training courses that require little to no customisation, browse our range now and request a preview of any course.

Choose from a range of topics that are perfect for your workplace needs, from Electrical Safety Inductions to Drugs and Alcohol In The Office. All of our videos are available in the format of your choice and can be easily uploaded to your organisation’s Learning Management System, intranet, or web server.

Each of Channel 1’s video eLearning courses can be purchased off the shelf and used straight away. Each script is written by a highly experienced script writer, ensuring the message is engaging, effective, and easy to understand. The videos are also combined with a variety of assessment questions and interactivity to reinforce the lessons and ensure maximum engagement.

Complete Customisation with Our E-learning Video Production Company

Our eLearning courses are broad enough to be applicable to all employees in any organisation. This includes volunteers, casuals, contractors, supervisors, and various levels of management.

However, if you’re looking to personalise your eLearning courses, our video production team can assist you.

Channel 1 is a full-service eLearning video production company, meaning we can adapt and customise any course to suit your specific needs. We can modify the video content to match your specific policies, add branding and vision of your company, and alter any other aspect of the video as required. Our eLearning videos can be modified as much or as little as you need, ensuring an accurate training course and a budget you can afford.

Explore Our Range of e-Learning Videos

Our eLearning videos are produced right here in Melbourne and made to reflect Australian workplace conditions, regulations, and laws. With more than 28 years of video production experience, Channel 1 has produced videos for small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and multinationals, including brands such as Coca Cola and Nestle.

Some of the topics covered in our eLearning titles include:

Contact Our e-Learning Video Production Company Today

For a more detailed description of what each program includes, click the MORE INFO button or REQUEST A PREVIEW to receive an email link and preview the full course. Our eLearning videos are available in a range of formats including SCORM, Tin Can API, AICC, and any video format for use on your server or intranet. Preview a course today or contact our team for more information.

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