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As a business owner, it’s important to foster a workplace where people treat each other with respect. Your employees need to understand what bullying looks like, and how their behaviour might impact on others. With channel 1’s range of training videos and elearning courses, your employees and managers can learn how to handle bullying, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace.

Through channel 1’s harassment training videos, you can approach these delicate, often uncomfortable topics in an engaging and educational way. Our training programs cover all the knowledge your workers need to know, helping employers tackle this stressful subject.

Our harassment training videos include topics on how to look out for bullying and harassment, how to avoid it, how to report it, and how to handle it. With channel 1, your employees and managers will be armed with the information they need to maintain a safe and happy workplace.

With more than 28 years of video production experience, all of channel 1’s training videos are professionally written, shot, and produced. You can purchase and licence any of our videos off the shelf, or we can customise them to suit your needs. Our highly experienced writers and producers can modify the script, footage, branding, logos, and more to suit your workplace and your policies.

Harassment training videos for employees and managers

Our training videos and elearning courses are all produced here in australia and made to meet current australian regulations and working conditions. We offer harassment training videos that cover the employee and manager experience, including several videos that are co-written by one of australia’s leading workplace psychologists.

Bullying costs australian workplaces up to $36 billion a year, making it essential to know your rights and responsibilities.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Videos

No-one should have to go through their workday feeling like they are being sexually harassed. Our sexual harassment training video outlines current laws and what employees can do if they feel they are being sexually harassed.

Workplace Bullying & Harassment Training Videos

Channel 1 has produced a broad range of videos and elearning courses that cover bullying, equal opportunity, and harassment that are applicable to all employees in any organisation.

Click on any of the harassment training videos on this page to learn more or contact us today to discuss licensing and customisation options.

Workplace harassment training videos

In addition to workplace harassment training videos, channel 1 have created training videos which explore the concept of equal employment opportunities. Treating all staff fairly and equitably also means providing equal opportunities for career development, and our succinct training video is a perfect snapshot.

Bullying and harassment training for employers and employees

Tackling and preventing the issue of bullying in the workplace falls on both employers and employees. Channel 1 understands the need to address this serious issue from all angles, which is why we have created dedicated bullying and harassment training videos aimed at staff in managerial and officer roles in addition to general employees.

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