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Minimise the damage caused by a workplace fire by making sure all your employees are properly trained. Our fire safety training videos will teach your employees everything they need to know, from how to react during a fire to how to safely evacuate a building.

At Channel 1 Creative Media, we have been producing corporate training videos and eLearning content for more than 28 years. Our library of training videos includes over 300 titles, all of which are applicable to a broad range of industries, organisations, and employee types.

Our training videos are crafted by highly experienced script writers and a professional cast and crew, ensuring they are engaging, easy to understand, and effective. Explore our fire safety training videos now to find a product that’s perfect for your organisation.

Want to add your specific policies, branding, footage or logos? As a full-service production company, we can customise any video as much or as little as you want, ensuring it perfectly reflects your requirements.

This is the perfect way to get a tailored fire safety training video for a fraction of the cost of producing one from scratch!

Find the Right Workplace Fire Safety Training Video For You

Learning how to react in the event of a fire isn’t the only thing covered in our training videos. There are numerous fire safety videos that will teach fire prevention, fire extinguisher use, and first response best practices. The information learned in these videos will hopefully prevent fires from starting in the first place.

Fire Extinguisher Training Videos

Fire Safety is our fire extinguisher training video. It covers a range of topics, including recognising different classes of fire, safe and correct fire extinguisher methods, and the dangers of using the wrong fire extinguisher.

This video is an essential element of workplace safety training and the perfect way to demonstrate your internal procedures.

Fire Awareness Training Videos

Our fire safety training videos comprehensively cover fire awareness training for your workplace. In our videos, employees can learn about the different types of firefighting equipment, the different classes of fire, risk minimisation methods, and much more.

All of our videos are completely customisable and come with a simple and affordable video licencing arrangement. Channel 1 is trusted by organisations all across Australia, from small businesses to large multinationals such as Kraft and Dulux.

To learn more about our fire safety training videos or to make an enquiry, contact us today.

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