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Educate your staff and cover off your organisation’s obligations under WHS legislation with Channel 1’s office safety training videos. They are succinct, engaging and easy to follow.

The office is often perceived as a safe place to work. Because it lacks heavy plant and machinery, and there is little need for safety glasses or hi-visibility clothing.

There are however many workplace health and safety concerns in every office. So much so, we have produced a series of office induction videos. We offer them as a smorgasbord of different safety videos to pick and choose from.

The Importance Of Office Safety Training Videos

When it comes to safety in the office or on a worksite, there is no room for compromise. Good workplace health and safety culture protects employees and employers, leads to better productivity and improved morale, and helps workplaces to thrive.

With the office safety training videos from Channel 1, you can teach your employees the skills and knowledge they need to create a safer workplace. Whether they work in a corporate environment or on a construction site, as a volunteer, a casual, a contractor, or a supervisor, we can provide and tailor a range of videos to match your message.

Workplace Safety Videos For Inductions

Our workplace safety videos are also perfect for inductions and the employee onboarding process. Complement your written procedures and induction materials with an engaging video or an interactive eLearning course.

Choose the video that best suits you and ask Channel 1 to include footage, procedures, logos, and branding that better reflect your organisation. To find out more about why you need an office safety training video for your workplace give us a call today on 03 8743 0488.

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