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Healthcare training videos

We have produced a series of healthcare training videos to assist your organisation to meet its obligations under whs legislation.

Working in health care, whether it be in a hospital, a nursing home, a disability unit, or in the community providing care in clients’ homes can be just as hazardous as any other workplace.

We have produced a range of videos to cater for these varied working environments.

It is possible for these videos to include your logo and feature your workers in your workplace…. Ask us how

Manual handling with care

Our healthcare training videos cover a range of manual handing scenarios, including assessing and managing risk. These modules provide helpful advice for manual handling workers to avoid injury and maintain wellness. This content is also accompanied by trainer support notes and assessment for added learning and understanding.

Infection control and food safety

Infection control and food safety is vital in the healthcare industry, even more so following the outbreak of covid-19. Our training modules cover the key areas of infection control – from mitigating risks of exposure to infectious agents to effective work practices.  Our 19-module food safety program is also a vital tool to help train up and educate employees about hygiene best practice as it relates to food. This informative series also covers the relevant food laws and legislation all australian businesses and organisations must abide by.

Emergency evacuation healthcare

Every health and aged care facility needs a comprehensive and well thought out emergency management plan. Our healthcare training videos in this area cover the different types of emergencies that make occur, control organisation, stages of an evacuation and the r.a.c.e principles. Protect the lives of some of our community’s most vulnerable by reassessing and updating your workplace’s evacuation procedures.

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