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Driving Safety eLearning – New Release
By: Scott Weston | Jul 7, 2022 | Health and Safety

Welcome to this preview on one our latest self-paced eLearning programs on Driving Safety. This particular title is one module from our 18 part Office Induction Series.

Who is this program aimed at?

So whilst it’s primarily aimed at office staff, any worker who’s occupation puts them behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, or really anyone who drives, will find this program beneficial.

So what’s in this eLearning program on Driving Safety?

As you can see, the opening slide is followed by some information introducing the topic and learning objectives.

As with all Channel 1 eLearning, the course is video based, so the majority of learning and information is from video.

The duration of the video content within this program is  just over 4 minutes, so with the assessment component, you would allow about 10-15 minutes to complete the entire training.

So after the introduction slides, we then show some video content. In this course we’ve split the original video into 2 parts.  This first video clip runs for just under 3 minutes. Here’s a closer look at this particular video.

After the video we then get into some questions to test for understanding, which are normally related to our learning objectives. As you can see, for each question you are provided with feedback depending on whether your response is correct or incorrect.

After the first lot of questions, you are then shown another video clip. This runs for about a minute and a half. So after the final video, you have some more questions to answer.

What type of questions are in the assessment component?

In addition to multiple choice and true and false, we also have some drag and drop and fill in the blank type questions.

All our courses are set to a pass rate of 80%.  If you wish to have a different pass rate, this can certainly be changed.

What about tailoring this Driving Safety eLearning course to specific requirements?

We can in fact customise any part of the course. Whether it be adding your organisation’s specific policies, modifying the questions, adding your logo or even customising the video itself.

So that’s a snapshot of our Driving Safety program. If you would like a full preview of the course, or if you have any questions, please feel free to get in contract.

Check out the product page to preview the video and for more information.