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Innovative Ideas For Your Health and Safety Training
By: Scott Weston | Jul 7, 2022 | Health and Safety

From Brochures To Health and Safety Training Video QR Codes

It’s always nice to reflect on what innovative companies are doing to spread the health and safety message to their workers.

Progressive civil construction group Winslow Constructors approached us a few months back. They wanted to enhance the delivery of their health and safety training communications.

They had previewed a couple of samples that we had produced for Ingham’s Chicken and Graincorp Ltd. Their co-workers rather than a professionally voiced script delivered the safety message in a series of onscreen interviews.

ideas for health and safety training

We then met with the forward thinkers at Winslow. As a result, we decided on the duration (2 to 3 minutes) of each video and exactly the type of information that needed to be communicated.

Furthermore, we formulated questions to elicit that information on screen. This was via a series of relaxed interviews with several Winslow employees.

No matter the type of information needed, we know that properly prepared and formulated questions can always achieve the desired outcome.

ideas for health and safety videos

Going one step further, Winslow requested a QR code be created for each video we produced.

They developed a series of posters and brochures featuring the QR code. Therefore, workers could scan the code via an app on their phones and watch the video.

According to Richard Brown, Winslow’s Health and Safety Manager at the time…

“The combination of the videos and QR code has been a fantastic innovation! We are confident we have achieved the desired reach and there is nothing quite like having your co-workers talking about the importance of safety in their workplace from an engagement point of view”

A Couple of Health And Safety Ideas… Final Thoughts

In summary, your organisation can employ various methods for delivering their health and safety message. This will of course depend on the environment in which your staff operate. You can:

  1. Vox pop interview your staff: Have them deliver the safety message. There is nothing more impressive to a new inductee to hear what a current workmate feels about safety at work.
  2. QR Codes: A great addition to a safety poster or a piece of machinery around the workplace. You can link them to your safety message or a video on how to use a particular machine.

For more information on producing a video message for health and safety training click here.