Social & Cultural Awareness

In this 11 minute training program, your staff will learn the benefits of social and cultural awareness in the workplace and the strategies they can apply to develop their own.

Now available in both video and eLearning format.

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Fatigue Management in the Workplace

Whilst the only cure to fatigue is sleep, there are certain steps that you can take to ensure that tired workers do not create risk to health and safety in the workplace.

These steps are featured in this program.

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Safety & The Conscious Mind - Part 1

This highly engaging training program looks at the importance of engaging the conscious mind in every task we undertake, and will provide several strategies for doing just that.

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Safety & The Conscious Mind Part 2

This title focuses on the risk assessment, and what makes it effective.

It breaks the process down, and suggests 5 simple questions that should be asked before tackling any new task. The answers will generate effective communication and stimulate the conscious mind into action.

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Managing Diversity & Inclusion

Aimed at managers, this new release training program will explore the various steps that they can take to create a diverse and inclusive environment.

Train your leaders up now!

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Goal Setting

An easy to follow and thought-provoking program that will encourage personal growth in the participants, and in turn, your organisation.

By setting clear, measurable and achievable goals you have the ability to design what your destination looks like in 2, 5 and 10 years down the track.

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